Basalt Products | Woven and Knitted Fabrics made from Basalt

Woven and Knitted Fabrics made from Basalt

Basalt Woven Fabrics

Basalt Fabric Jacquard

The excellent physical properties of basalt can lead to new fabric applications with jacquard technology, there are no limits to creativity. One example is our patented fabric. EP3399082

Basalt Fabric Twill

With a weight of up to 900gr/m², Twill Fabrics are particularly suitable for the Composites Industry but also as a base material for various coatings.

Basalt Fabric Plain

Woven from stone can't get any lighter at 100gr/m². Canvas Fabric of up to 350 g/m² can be used for both as a flame-retardant decorative fabric and as a substrate for coatings.

Basalt Fabric Satin

The tightly woven satin fabric with the smooth surface and good drapeability is well suited as a top layer for composites and curved surfaces

Basalt Fabric Plain, conductive

Basalt Fabric with copper in warp and weft can be used to laminate Fermacell and Rigips plates. Serves as effective 5G protection.

Basalt Fabric Twill, Aluminium

The heavy Twill Fabric laminated on one side with aluminium foil does not let any flame through and radiates heat back. Welding aprons or heat protection in tunnels are possible applications.

Basalt Ribbon Fabric, Plain and Twill

Narrow fabrics are often better suited to wrap a body, whether as heat protection for technical applications in vehicles or as reinforcement for existing components.

Basalt Decor Tape

A bracelet made of stone, supple and noble. Thanks to the fine transparent coating, the bracelet is also protected against chafing.

Basalt Leno Fabric

Basalt Leno Fabrics are dimensionally stable even with low thread density and can also be used as reinforcement.

Basalt Scrims

Basalt UD

As a non-conductive and very strong material, basalt offers great advantages in boat building, for example.

Basalt Bi-Axial

The most common application is the scrim with the +/-45° thread arrangement for sewn, stiff laminates.

Basalt Multi-Axial

Depending on the force applied, it makes sense to use multi-axial layers in order to orientate the thread direction according to the forces that occur.

Basalt Knitted Fabric

Matched Basalt Knitwear

Any shape can be produced with Basalt Knitwear . Mostly for technical applications, whether as a pure knitted fabric or as a composite.