Basalt Composite Parts | Basalt Anchors

Composites made from Basalt

Basalt threaded Rod

The non-corroding cut threaded rods from M20x1.5 are particularly suitable in humid and chlorinated climates. e.g. in indoor swimming pools for suspended ceilings.

Basalt Turntable Support

Accurate, flat surface for platter, vacuum casting process.

Basalt Pipe, multiaxial

High strength for high pressures and lateral forces. Produced by pultrusion process with epoxy resin.

Basalt Pipe, coiled

This special application for landfill drainage with coiled basalt rovings and a modified resin withstands almost all acids and alkalis.

Basalt Sandwich Panel

High strength panel with basalt surface, developed for the latest high speed trains in China. Basalt laminates combined with honeycomb.

Multilayer Basalt Panels

These panels, made of many layers of fabric impregnated with epoxy resin, are highly resistant to compression and bending. However, they can be processed well with hardmetal tools.

Basalt Profile

Complex cross-sections with hollow chambers or webs are possible. We manufacture according to your needs and we're happy to advise you.