Basalt Products | Basalt Rope

Tubes and Ropes made from Basalt

Basalt Tubes

Basalt Tubes, braided

Basalt hoses were developed for the sheathing of pipes. They adapt to the diameter of the pipe and serve as frost and heat protection. Suitable for pipes from ø2 mm to ø10 cm

Basalt Ropes

Basalt Rope, twisted

3-ply ropes up to ø 8mm are a cost-effective solution for strong connections, even in salt water. They are easy to bend and knot.

Basalt Rope, braided

Braided Basalt Ropes are very supple. 1-2mm ropes especially are suitable as reinforcement of 3D concrete printing.

Basalt Rope, core-sheath

The highest strength to diameter ratio is provided by the core-sheath construction. The straight core threads stand for minimal elongation, making them especially suitable for anchoring offshore fish farms.