Basalt Products | Basalt Yarns, Rovings and Twisted Yarns

Basalt Yarns, Rovings and Twisted Yarns

Basalt Roving

Our Basalt Rovings with up to 2400tex are mostly processed in 20kg spools. Basalt Rovings are used for pultrusion, to wrap tubes or to produce chopped Basalt Fibers.

Texturized Basalt Yarn

Textured Basalt Yarn is used wherever a lot of volume is required. In special presentations it is used for sound and vibration reduction.

Twisted Basalt Yarn

Fine yarns with S80 protective twist are the basis for fine fabrics, filament for core yarns with the application e.g. as protective clothing.

Basalt Twine

Basalt Twine is used as warp material, quilting threads, weft threads or for the production of ropes, knitted fabrics, sewing threads; the variety of applications knows no bounds.