Basalt fleece serves as an environmentally friendly ground cover in agriculture

Basalt Products in Agriculture

Basalt - as a 100% natural material and therefore free of petroleum products - is very suitable and sustainable in vineyards and fruit growing, for covering soil areas around the trunks. Basalt nonwovens prevent the growth of weeds and thus can be used as a full substitute for chemical weedkillers. The natural olive green colour blends perfectly with the soil. Also a sustainable solution for the environmentally conscious home gardener.

Moisture and air can circulate easily and thus do not disturb the water and temperature balance under the protective mat. 

Fields of application: Vineyards and orchards, Freshly sown and planted fields,  private gardens, etc.


Basalt Mats used in Agruculture


Basalt Fleece used in Agruculture