Basalt Rebars

Basalt Reinforcement

Basalt Fiber Reinforcement

Basalt Mini Rebars

The 50mm long Basalt Mini Rebars are used in 2 styles for concrete reinforcement and shotcrete. They are the ecological alternative to PP and metal rebars. We have developed the corrugated 3-dimensional Mini Rebars and distribute them exclusively.

Basalt Fibers

Due to their specific weight, cut Basalt Fibers can be easily mixed with concrete or asphalt. Depending on the application, lengths from 3 to 90mm are available. Cut Basalt Fibers can be provided with different coatings to ensure adhesion to concrete, asphalt or other materials.

Basalt Nets

Basalt Geogrids / Leno Fabrics

Basalt Geogrids are ideal for reinforcing the road surface, e.g. at traffic circles or bus stops. Basalt Geogrids prevent lateral flow of the pavement or minimize driving grooves at bus stops and truck lanes. Basalt Geogrids are also suitable for thin-walled precast concrete elements.

Basalt Reinforcement Meshes

This technical innovation offers some advantages compared to steel nets, such as the lower overlap, 1/3 of the transport weight, easier handling and of course the omitted reinforcement corrosion. Basalt Reinforcement Nets are made up in our factory in Switzerland.

Basalt Rebars

Basalt Rebars

Diameters from 4mm to 60mm are possible. Basalt Rebars are 3 times stronger and 3 times lighter than iron bars. They do not corrode and can be easily recycled with concrete.

Basalt Stirrups

Basalt Stirrups are formed directly after the pultrusion process. We manufacture the stirrups according to your dimensional specifications in all common diameters.

Basalt lamella

Basalt Lamella

Basalt Lamellas are bonded to concrete ceilings with conventional adhesive systems for subsequent reinforcement. This can significantly increase the load-bearing capacity of ceilings.

Basalt Hollow Anchors

With a diameter of 36/20mm and lengths of up to 11m, Basalt Hollow Anchors are a complement to the existing rock anchors with plates.